When it comes to your makeup, it’s hard to highlight your perfect cat eye, or your deep berry lips, if your foundation isn’t flawless. Your foundation acts as your canvas, smoothing out any lines or blurring away imperfections. But there are so many different types of foundations to choose from–so how do you know which to use? We’re here to break them down for you:

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Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is just what you think it is–liquid! These typically come in medium to full coverage and in a variety of versions like oil-based, waterproof and oil-free. Most liquid foundations are buildable, allowing you to achieve your desired amount of coverage. While liquid foundations work with any type of skin, dry or mature skin fare best with these, since they can be dewy and hydrating.

Tinted Moisturizer

This foundation provides the sheerest coverage and is meant for women with primarily good skin. If your skin is feeling a little dry and you want to even out slightly uneven pigmentation, tinted moisturizer is your best bet.

Mousse/Whipped Foundation

Mousse foundation, also known as whipped, is liquid makeup with air whipped in. This makes the product light and smooth. Mousse foundations go on creamy and smooth, but they dry matte with a weightless feel. If you have very dry or mature skin, mousse foundation isn’t recommended for you–as it may settle in your fine lines or dry patches.

Stick Foundation
Stick foundations are the most convenient, as they are portable and can be thrown in your purse and used on the go. Their coverage tends to be a little heavier, making them ideal for covering under eye circles, blemishes or dark spots. Due to the thickness of these foundations, sticks are best for normal to oily skin. If your skin is dry, make sure to use a good moisturizer underneath to make it easier to blend and move around.

Powder Compact Foundation
Powder foundation comes in a compact form and is great to use for a very minimal amount of coverage, or to set your liquid or cream foundation in place. If you’re using this alone, it works best on oily skin.


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