Ahhhh, summer! The time of year where you can relax and unwind with some fun in the sun. But with all of the sunbathing and pool hopping you’re bound to do, comes dried out, damaged and frizzy hair–yikes! Fortunately, there are a number of ways to protect your hair against the weather related elements of the season. Here are some ways to keep your hair healthy in the summer:

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Trim It Up: Yes, we know you’re scared to cut it since you’re trying to grow it out, but dried out and damaged hair just will not grow! If you plan on rocking long locks this summer, opt for a trim or even a dusting to say buh-bye to all of those split ends. Tiny trims along the way can make all the difference and will prevent you having to cut off a lot at once down the road.

Spray It With a UV Protectant: Just as we use sunscreen to protect our delicate skin, our delicate hair needs the same TLC. Not only do UVA and UVB rays do damage to our hair, they also oxidize the color, ruining all of your colorist’s hard work to give you that perfect hue. Keep your color fresh and your hair healthy, by adding a few drops of a UV protectant like this one. Trust us, you’ll be happy you listened!

Deep Condition: Chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on your hair, drying it out and making it more susceptible to breaking. In this case, conditioner is your best friend! Adding back moisture from a deep conditioning treatment will revive your hair and give it back it’s life and shine. You can even apply a mask, wrap it in plastic and sit in the sun for an extra deep conditioning boost. It’s also important to try to wash your hair every other day in the summer and to be very gentle when doing so. And always follow up any shampoo with conditioner to replenish any hydration lost in the deep cleaning!

Take a Break From Styling: The summer time is all about embracing your natural hair and wave and being more low-maintenance. Your hair cuticle is more fragile this time of year, so skipping the harsh heat styling will preserve the life of your locks. Go easy on tight braids and buns as well, as the stress of the severe styles can add to the damage. If you’re looking for a really low maintenance, hair-saving style, cover it up with a scarf or loose head wrap. This style will not only protect your hair from the elements, but you’ll look as chic as Jackie O!

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