Regular nail care results in healthy and beautiful nails that you’ll be proud to show off. Maintaining a healthy nail routine is fairly simple and you can even follow one in the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips to give you those strong and lustrous nails you’ve always dreamed of:

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Polish ‘Em:

Wearing nail polish isn’t going to harm your healthy nails, although you may want to consider giving your nails a break from polish occasionally.  Make sure you choose acetone-free nail polish remover when you remove that polish and wear gloves to protect your colored tips when working with your hands in the garden or washing dishes.

Moisturize Cuticles:

Cuticles are meant to protect your nails from infection. If you cut them back too far or push them around too aggressively, you can damage them, leaving the nail bed more susceptible to infection. Instead of trimming or pushing back your cuticles, try moisturizing them daily to ensure healthy cuticles and nails.

Keep Nails Trimmed:

Keeping your nails short and neat with help prevent them from snagging or breaking. Trimming nails regularly will not only keep them looking neat, but will help prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck underneath them. If you suffer from nail ridges, gently buff them out to a smooth surface after you trim them. Always make sure to clean underneath them with a nail brush to reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Try Biotin:

A healthy diet should provide you with all of the vitamins and minerals you need to grow long, strong nails. However, if you need an extra supplemental boost, try Biotin, which is a B vitamin, Biotin has been shown to be helpful for strengthening and growing nails.

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