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Ways To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

We’ve all been there–you just spent money and time at your favorite salon to leave with the perfect hair hue of your dreams, only to find that after a few short weeks your color starts to fade! How frustrating! But… Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Deep Conditioning Treatment

As temperatures drop, our beauty routine needs a bit of an overhaul to reflect the harsher conditions of the winter. If you would describe your hair as being dry, frizzy or unmanageable, chances are you could benefit from a deep… Continue Reading →

How To Care For Your Nails After a Gel Manicure

Many women know the frustrations of leaving the salon after a fresh manicure only to walk a mere few steps and find that you smudged it fishing out your car keys or buckling your seat belt. When the gel manicure… Continue Reading →

Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape

How many times have you found the “perfect haircut” only to take it to your stylist and find that it just didn’t work for your face shape? Don’t worry–this doesn’t mean you have to give up interesting haircuts altogether and… Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Ombre And Balayage

  Ombre and Balayage are all the rage these days. As hairstylists, we often get asked lots of questions about them both and find clients have a hard time differentiating between the two. To make sure you’re asking for the… Continue Reading →

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments: A Breakdown

There’s a lot of questions out there about what exactly a Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is, how it works and what kind of care it requires, so we’re here to break it all down for you. If you’re looking for… Continue Reading →

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